Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture

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What is postmodernism? Is it good or bad? Does it have anything to do with being an effective, godly parent? With sensitivity, grace, and a passion to help families experience authentic, life-changing relationships with God, Mary DeMuth describes the new way people are processing truth. She reveals effective ways for parents to communicate with today's kids: by developing relationships, by learning along with their kids, by creating a safe haven for kids to explore their worlds, and more. Parents will discover how to... communicate the gospel effectively to their own children, who may process truth in a new way equip their children (and themselves!) to relate successfully with others and avoid isolating themselves from those who need Christ lead their families even when they don't have all the answers This unique resource offers everyday moms and dads an engaging introduction into the postmodern world and provides the tools they need to relate to it with confidence and faith.