Daily Devotions & Random Thoughts for You or Someone You Know

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by Larry D. Hill

This book Daily Devotions and Random Thoughts for You or Someone You Know is designed to help encourage you in your daily spiritual walk. Many of the devotions are parable like in using an earthly message with spiritual implications. It is highly encouraged that you read the scriptures listed in the message! The scriptures in a sense add life to the message and the message brings a deeper understanding of the scriptures. The "Random Thoughts" are similar to "mini proverbs." A sentence or two to cause you to stop, think and consider! To pause and reflect. However, the main purpose of the book is to increase your knowledge and understanding of God! That your hope, faith, and trust in God grows day by day. This book of devotions is also a book you can begin any day of the year. And its daily devotions extend far beyond the year, extending far into the next year! Each message will impact someone! It could be you or someone you know! Whats important is applying the Word of God in your life to enhance your life and the lives of your family and friends. Make this book be a long-standing encouragement to you in your life that draws you closer to God! All praise and glory to God!