Dating Without Delusion

Dating Without Delusion

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Dating without Delusion is a relationship book in seminar format, a compilation of over 20 years of Jay Parker's work helping guide Christians through the fear and confusion of dating in today's world. Using modern research guided by solid biblical principles, Jay sheds light on the troubles and frustrations of singles, encouraging them to clarify their values and to use them as guideposts through the process.

What should dating encompass?

What foundation should it be built upon?

How do I apply Christian values to dating?

Jay has a heart for singles — he understands their dating struggles and the search for the ultimate mate. He helps singles grasp their God-given values and articulate them in all of their relationships. Jay’s first desire however is for people to have Jesus Christ as their foundation. From that basis they can clearly see that God does indeed have a unique plan for each of them.

Jay delivers Dating without Delusion in a way that is easy to understand — powerful and inspiring — giving hope and direction to those who are struggling in today’s dating culture. His work with singles will inevitably create lasting marriages — which is the only way to address the stubborn national divorce rate.

Jay Parker, MSEL, has consulted with Fortune 500 companies at the Executive Leadership level, providing guidance and clarity to the organization's interrelationships and overall corporate effectiveness. His expertise and focus is in maximizing corporate potential at the personal and organizational level. Dating without Delusion is the culmination of decades of church service, educational study, and life experience.

After his first marriage failed in the late ’80s, Jay found himself leading a Christian singles group in La Jolla, California. As a person of faith, he expected to see some significant differences between the secular and Christian Singles worlds, however, the same kind of emotional upheaval and crisis seemed to be the norm. Jay’s calling to Encourage Singles to become the people that God has made them to be now serves as one of his Personal Core Values.

Believing that there should be significant Bible-based relationship wisdom, Jay dug in to apply faith-based relationship principles to dating. In parallel Jay looked into some quality secular relationship sources (and there are some good ones) to uncover relationship wisdom. You will be encouraged and challenged by the congruency of Spiritual principles with some of the nation’s best psychologists and researchers. Additionally, the Values discovery process contained herein is strongly supported by modern assessment tools, which are invaluable as you embark on your journey of self-discovery.

Illustrated with over 100 slides from Jay’s Christian Singles workshop.