Do Animals Believe In God?

Do Animals Believe In God?

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Do Animals Believe In God? is a story of what some of the creatures of the earth might say if they could speak if asked, “Do you believe in God?” This book is filled with beautiful illustrations of Daniel’s journey.

Daniel decides to go on a journey to ask the creatures he meets whether they believe in God. Each of the creatures has their own special story to tell Daniel about why they believe in God. As Daniel ventures across different terrains—from his backyard, to a farm, through a forest, into a jungle, across a garden, along a river, and along the shore of the ocean—he meets creatures big and small that share their story with Daniel. It surprises Daniel to learn that each creature has its own unique story to tell about God, which reflects on their own way they experienced God, and they share their story in a way that is easily understood by Daniel. Some of the answers to Daniel’s question will surprise you or humor you.

As the story comes to a close, Daniel finds himself returning home after a day filled with exploration, adventure, and answers. His final question about God is to his mom and dad, who confirms what Daniel had learned on his journey: God is the Creator of all living creatures on the earth, under the earth, in the oceans and seas, and in the air.

This easy-to-read and colorful book allows a child’s imagination to wander and think what a creature would say if they could understand and respond to a question asked by a little boy named Daniel. Its message is timeless and eternal. Each page brings a different message tha