Evidence That Demands A Verdict - Josh Mc Dowell

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For more than 40 years, Evidence That Demands A Verdict has encouraged and strengthened millions of people around the world.

It has convinced skeptics of the Bible's reliability. It has helped believers deepen and articulate their faith. But more significantly, it has given followers of Jesus the vital facts they need to defend God's word and lead people to faith in Christ

Evidence For Now

Evidence is now thoroughly revised and updated from previous editions in light of newly uncovered historical documentation and the best of modern scholarship. That means you’ll gain new insights to grow in your faith and be better equipped to answer the questions in objections of today’s most hardened skeptics.

Evidence brings you all new and expanded chapters to challenge the latest attacks from Christianity’s critics. No matter the topic - evidence for the Bible’s authenticity, evidence for the historical Jesus and his resurrection, evidence for the accuracy of the Old Testament, or evidence for the truth claims of the Bible - this new addition Is the go - to resource for a fast accurate answers.

Evidence is now co-authored by Josh McDowell and his son, Sean McDowell, PhD. Their collaboration brings new insights, greater perspective, and a fresh voice to today’s most pressing questions.