For Women Only In The Workplace - Shaunti Feldhahn

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Do You Know The Unwritten Rules Of The Workplace?

As a veteran  of Wall Street and Capitol Hill, Shaunti Feldhahn knows that even the most experienced Christian businesswoman can inadvertently sabotage her career simply because she doesn’t know how her mail supervisors. colleagues, and employee think.

For Women Only In The Workplace gives you startling insights into the expectations and perceptions of men at work. Where do you work in a corporate setting, a small business, or a ministry, you’ll find Shaunti's research in valuable as you discover:

What do you need to go know about man’s hidden insecurity

What "it’s not personal it’s just business" actually means to men

How men view emotion in the workplace - and what they consider to be a emotion

How what you wear can significantly hinder your effectiveness at work.

The secret to being strong and competent - without being viewed as difficult

Based on eight years of intense research, extensive interviews, and national surveys of more than three thousand men from CEOs to assistants, from factory workers to lawyers For Women Only In The Workplace gives you the keys you need to be who you are and be respected and successful wherever you work with men.