For Young Men Only: A Guy's Guide to the Alien Gender

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Research shows that most teenage girls care more about inner qualities than looks, money, or popularity in the boys they're attracted to. Those inner qualities include a sense of humor, a love for adventure, thoughtfulness, and (for those with religious convictions) a genuine faith. Of course--as you might expect with adolescent girls--the picture gets more complicated from there--a lot more! Teen girls also admit a strong attraction to "bad boys," and will sometimes put up with disrespectful, hurtful treatment from "bad boys" if the relationship gives them a sense of security. They agree that intimacy, especially sexual intimacy, with a boy comes with strings attached no matter what the girls say before, during, or after. They believe that their apparently random emotional patterns make perfect sense...and think guys should care enough to figure them out. Thankfully, For Young Men Only arrives with humor, insight, and practical solutions for the beleagured reader Feldhahn and Rice call, "Our hero, Average Joe."