God's Plan Fulfilled: A Guide for Understanding the New Testament - Kenneth Schenck

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Product Description

Many Christians are familiar with a few favorite Bible verses but have little idea how to understand the entire New Testament. Dr. Schenck guides your study of Scripture, showing how God's great plan for the world comes to fulfillment in the startling claim that "Jesus is Lord!"

In this easy-to-grasp text , Schenck walks step-by-step through each book of the New Testament, helping you see its overarching story in the context of ancient history and culture. You will come to see Jesus and his disciples not as characters in a story but as real people who lived in the real world. From Matthew to Revelation, this helpful resource provides a basic understanding of each NT book.

This highly readable guide includes--
  • At-a-glance introduction and overview for each book
  • background information to illuminate your study
  • Questions for personal reflection or group discussion and application

And with this book you will--
  • See the big picture of the New Testament
  • Understand hos God's story finds fulfillment in Jesus
  • discover the unique contribution of each NT book
  • learn how the NT connects to our lives today