HCSB Interactive Notetaker's Bible, Orange Hardcover

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In an age when people can take notes using a variety of electronic media, there has emerged a countertrend whereby people want to journal in their own handwriting.  This Bible features wide margins with subtle ruled lines, helpful center-column cross references, a concordance, and best of all, the largest point size among all Bibles of this kind.

The Notetaker's Bible will have the largest point size among Bibles of this kind. In addition, it features easy-to-navigate center-column references. These cross-references direct the reader to other Scripture passages that illuminate the passage being studied so that the reader can insert salient passages from other parts of the Bible alongside the passage they are studying. The Notetaker's Bible contains an easy-to-use concordance that will enrich the capacity to make notes centered around Scripture's key usage of a word.