How Happiness Happens: Finding Lasting Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment, and Unmet Expectations -Max Lucado

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Do You Feel Happy?

How long has it been since you felt a level of contagious, infectious, unflappable, unstoppable happiness? Maybe your answer is, "I feel that way all the time." If so, God bless you-(And consider suggesting this book to someone who needs it.) For many of us the answer is, "Well, it’s been a while. I used to be happy, but then life took it’s toll."

Worldwide people profess that happiness is the most cherished goal. Marketers get this. Want to be happy? They ask. Eat at this restaurant, drive this car, wear this dress. Happiness depends on what your mount on your trophy wall, deposit in your bank account, experience in your bedroom, or serve at the dining table. Happiness happens when you lose the weight, get the date, find a mate, or discover your fate. It’s wide, this way to happiness. Yet, for all its promise, it delivers a fragile joy; here one day, tomorrow scattered by the winds of comparison, disappointment, or unmet expectations.

But what if there is a difference, unexpected path to happiness? One that requires no credit card, monthly mortgage, or stroke a fortune. One in which age, looks, and ethnicity aren't factors. What if the roads to joy is less about getting him more about giving?

If you want to know more about life altering, uplifting, heart - stabilizing, peace - producing joy, read on. In this book you will discover a way of life backed by Jesus' teaching and modern research that produces a happiness that last, A reliable joy than endures through any season.