How to Be Present in an Absent World

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Take Ownership of Your Life in Every Area of Influence


Many people today feel overworked, overbooked, and burned out. They long for purposeful and meaningful lives. We're plugged into every social network we can find, yet we feel more disconnected than ever. And in our most honest moments, we can't help but look in the mirror and ask: How long can I keep this up? Montgomery, Webb, and Silva believe the pain we experience as leaders is a function of absence--living disconnected from our true selves and lacking deep, meaningful relationships with others. The remedy lies in rediscovering what it means to be truly present as a leader by embracing our humanity and extending it to those we lead.


How to Be Present in an Absent World is a guide for cultivating a self-awareness that empowers you to take ownership of your life in every area of influence. It provides a biblical way to handle the daily pressures of life without denying, escaping, or outrunning the present, past, or future. Montgomery and his coauthors, Webb and Silva, equip you with the kind of self-understanding that allows you to overcome obstacles--whether in your church, in your job, or in your family--that were previously discouraging and seemingly insurmountable.