Jesus Was an Airborne Ranger: Find Your Purpose Following the Warrior Christ Paperback – John McDougall

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In this fresh, exhilarating take on the story of redemption, Captain McDougall retells the life of Jesus, and the mission of his followers, as analogous to a special operations incursion behind enemy lines. "For too long, our churches have portrayed Jesus as a Wimp who is far too gentle to confront evil and much too tolerant to correct injustice," declares McDougall. "Men are not inclined to follow this Sunday School Jesus. But there is an alternative: to restore the long-lost concept of Christus Victor - Christ the Conqueror." Combat-seasoned and seminary trained, McDougall weaves stories from the front with biblical teaching as he reframes the gospel in terms that action-oriented readers will be drawn to, learn from and be highly motivated to follow in their daily lives. - Publisher