Loving The Unlovable

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Have you tried everything to love that difficult person in your home, work, or community? Are you desperate for peace, feeling accused, rejected, and even confused on what to do next? There is hope! Don’t allow a strained relationship to steal your peace and joy or cause potential health issues later in life. As the Faith Coach, Kirsten Strawn empowers people with methods to reconcile even the most difficult relationships. * Learn to face conflict with confidence and compassion. * Stop avoiding conversations and take action to speak effectively and honestly to be heard. * Gain perspective to understand yourself and others. * Become authentic with meaningful relationships when you follow the easy steps to forgive. Discover the foundational reasons behind conflict as Kirsten shares from her own struggles as well as the testimonies of those who overcame conflict to achieve more peace and joy in their relationships. LOVING THE UNLOVABLE will equip individual or group growth using the 12-week Bible study / discussion questions included in the back of the book. Discover sound biblical truth that will transform your pain to purpose.