Mama T Says, "Rise and Shine": Inspirational Stories to Brighten Your Day

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In this uplifting devotional, popular speaker and author Thelma Wells offers readers help for overcoming adversity and finding hope. When faced with problems, from unpaid bills to loved ones experiencing illnesses, people often hear, "You just need to trust God." But how do people grasp that truth when their world is going haywire?

Through biblical wisdom and powerful real-life stories, Thelma reveals steps readers can take and share with others to conquer problems:

  • pray about everything
  • study God's Word
  • never say never to God
  • discover what motivates people
  • be proactive and double check everything
  • love your family, friends, and enemies
  • be liberal with praise

From simple strategies to in-depth approaches, Thelma shows readers how to draw closer to Jesus, experience the relief He offers, and welcome a new day.