Never Ask For Permission Again by Logan Rena

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Lasting Change on How You See Yourself, How You See Your Dreams & Goals and How You Grant Yourself Permission

1. Do you feel like you are always explaining your dreams and goals?

2. Have you ever waited and waited and waited for a man to make a decision about you?

3. Do you struggle with self-doubt but everyone around you thinks you have it all together?

4. Are you looking for full-time freedom in your friendships?

5. Are you struggling with your faith?

You are not alone! Millions of women are facing the same questions and have no one to really understand what they are going through. You can relate because if you’ve ever had to deal rejection after rejection then you probably have befriended bitterness and brokenness.

As an Administrator with the Department of Defense and renowned Self-Love Coach, Logan struggled with the same questions and battles. Let Logan walk you through how to speak up for your heart, your thoughts and how you REALLY feel. You will learn that you have permission to shut down any labels society has placed on your self-esteem, you have permission to make solo-minded decisions without any guilt attached to it, and you have permission to see yourself as great enough and one of God’s best idea.

In Never Ask for Permission Again exposes the root cause of brokenness, insecurities, fear, lack of faith and staying in a toxic relationship. She walks you through how granting yourself permission leads you to wholeness, clarity, forgiveness, self-esteem, validation and self-love. Never Ask for Permission Again is the action guide to unlocking your matchless gifts, using confidence to your advantage and courageously showing up in every room being yourself. Buy Never Ask for Permission Again today lasting change on how you see yourself, how you see your dreams & goals and how you grant yourself permission forever.

Side Note: This isn’t a book that sells the dream of peace and happiness, it’s a book of tools and strategies to be so you are happy consistently and speaking up for yourself. Some categories include reading, praying, peace, joy, happiness, toxic situations, friendships, death and loss, breakthrough, success, goals, mindset and belief system.