New Christian's Handbook SC by Max Anders

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Theres a lot you want to learn about the Christian life.  This volume offers you both the head knowledge and the heart knowledge you need to be a close disciple of Jesus Christ.

Youll learn what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit really do, what you received in Gods gift of salvation, and what the Bibles big themes are and how they fit together.

Youll learn why biblical truth offers the only ultimate answer, why you can trust God even when life makes no sense, and why Jesus came and how He could be both God and man.

Youll learn how you can guard against common slip-ups and pitfalls, how you can pray with power and confidence, and how to know and follow Gods will for your life.

Through 36 brief, fast moving chapters, youll cover miles of ground in your Christian understanding, hitting the high spots of even the deepest Bible doctrines and discovering how to put it all into practice in real life.  Whether youre new to the Christian faith or in need of a refresher, the New Christians Handbook presents the basics clearly, in a way you can use.