NIrV Read with Me Bible, Revised and Updated Hardcover

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The beloved Read with Me Bible has been updated with even more artwork, a new typeface, and a fresh, eye-catching cover. Like the original, this new version features separate Old Testament and New Testament sections, and contains 106 Bible stories based on the New International reader's Version (the NIrV--"The NIV for Kids!"). Parents and kids alike are instantly drawn to the Read With Me Bible for its outstanding, action-filled artwork by Dennis Jones. You'll love the way kids respond to the bold, humorous depictions of Bible characters, and easy-to-understand stories. Inside you'll also find a glossary of unfamiliar words.


Reading to young children helps foster strong emotional bonds. With this beloved Bible storybook, you'll be spending time with your little ones, strengthening those bonds between you, as well as giving them a foundation to develop their own relationship to God. Discussing the stories and interacting with the pictures also helps kids internalize the Word of God. Younger children will enjoy studying the images and watching the words as parents read them, while early readers may want to read the stories on their own. Recommended for ages 4 to 8. Measures 8.00" x 6.75" x 1.25"