Parenting the Wild Child Softcover –  Miles McPherson

Parenting the Wild Child Softcover – Miles McPherson

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PARENTING THE WILD CHILD HOPE AND HELP FOR DESPERATE PARENTS For 15 years, Miles McPherson has talked to young people from all walks of life. He knows what makes them tick and he knows that teenagers of today, even Christians, are far different than just a few years ago. Curfew problems, drugs and defiant attitudes are still common. But now there's the added allure of the counter-culture, promiscuity at a very young age, gangs and more. Blending streetwise understanding with biblical truths, the author presents practical, effective guidance for parents who don't know where to turn. The goal isn't to "fix" your wayward teenager. Rather, you will learn how to help your child want to change his or her rebellious ways. "Misbehavior is a spiritual cancer," says the author, "and your family is in the midst of a spiritual battle." Parenting The Wild Child will bring help and hope to the turmoil you are facing as your teen tries to find his/her way in today's challenging world.