Perfectly Unfinished by Andrea Logan White

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Actress Andrea Logan White appeared to have a perfect Hollywood life. Beyond the red carpet, though, she struggled with the same lie that haunts many of us: "I need to be perfect in order to be accepted--by God, by others, by myself."

In Perfectly Unfinished, Andrea tells her story of being an anorexic teenager, a Playboy Mansion guest hanging out by the pool, a naive new Christian, an idealistic bride, and a stressed-out mom--and how all along, God was fulfilling his promise to complete his good work in her. As Andrea writes, "We can learn to see our unfinished places as spotlights on where God is still at work."

If you struggle with a self-condemning voice that tells you only perfection will do, you will find grace and encouragement in Andrea's words. Perfectly Unfinished is an invitation to the wondrous mystery of God's abundant love as the incompleteness of our lives brings us even closer to him.