Post-Traumatic Church Disorder: A Prescription for Healing from Church Hurt Paperback by Mickey Stonier, PhD.

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Post-Traumatic Church Disorder (PTCD) isn't technically a clinically diagnosed disorder, yet many people have been infected with this ailment, hence the need for an antidote. Researchers have actually correlated religious trauma as a contributor to PTSD. This succinct book provides Biblical perspectives on the problem, the pain, and the prescription for healing the very real malady of church hurt. The domains of faith, family, and friends are supposed to be places of safety and refuge. But for many, these sacred places are the means by which people have been most severely violated. Our home and our place of worship should be communities of security, protection, and growth. Yet there are countless tales where these revered sanctuaries have become the means of painful assaults. It is the author's intention that this modest work will bring healing and hope to the many who have been wounded in a church context. This book also encourages those who have inflicted pain on others to self-reflect and to grow in their own vulnerability and emotional health. To forgive and be forgiven are a pathway to freedom to unlock the bondage of bitterness.