Preaching the Luminous Word:  - Paperback –  Ellen F. Davis

Preaching the Luminous Word: - Paperback – Ellen F. Davis

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Insights from one of the most distinctive and eloquent scholar-preachers of our time

Inviting serious theological engagement with texts from all parts of the Christian Bible, Preaching the Luminous Word is a collection of fifty-one sermons and five related essays from noted preacher and biblical scholar Ellen F. Davis.

A brief preface to each sermon delineates its liturgical context and theological themes as well as distinctive elements of structure and style. Arranged in canonical order, the sermons treat a wide range of texts: Torah, Prophets, Writings, Gospels, Epistles, and Revelation. They are complemented by essays on various aspects of biblical interpretation for preaching.

At once accessible, theologically informed, and rhetorically rich, this volume will engage preachers, teachers, seminarians, church leaders, and serious lay readers.