Sharing the Good News with Mormons: Practical Strategies for Getting the Conversation Started Edited By - Sean McDowell, Eric Johnson

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You want to share your faith with Mormon co-workers, friends, and the folks who sometimes knock on your door. But how do you share the gospel with those who think they don't need it? Every relationship and situation is unique, and that’s why these essays from respected scholars, apologists, and pastors—including Sandra Tanner, Robert Bowman, David Geisler, Bill McKeever, Mark Mittelberg, J. Warner Wallace, Lynn Wilder, and others—lay out a variety of creative methods for sharing the gospel effectively so you can initiate authentic conversations, respond with compassion and clarity, and find ways to keep the dialogue going with your Mormon friends.

Speaking the truth to Mormons can feel daunting when you’re unprepared. Let the suggestions in this book from Eric Johnson and Sean McDowell give you solid ideas for reaching those who are lost but don’t realize it.