Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is News and What Makes It Good

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What is the good news that Jesus himself announced and told his followers to announce as well? Most people, including many Christians, never ask themselves this question. We assume we understand the gospel because it seems so familiar and so entrenched. Those who know in theory that the gospel is good news, often fail to appreciate the significance of this fact.

In Simply Good News, bishop, noted biblical scholar, and revered author N.T. Wright offers a fresh look at the Gospel, explaining why Jesus' message is "good news" and why it is more timely and transforming today than we know.

Believing that today's Christians have lost sight of its true meaning, he takes us back in time to reveal how the gospel's original first-century audience would have received Jesus' message. In Simply Good News, Wright forwards a clear and thoughtful analysis of what the "good news" really is and how it applies to and can transform our lives today.