The Bare Bones Bible® Facts: A Quick Reference to the People, Places, and Things (The Bare Bones Bible® Series) - Jim George

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New from bestselling author Jim George—The Bare Bones Bible® Facts, which continues the extremely popular series that includes The Bare Bones Bible® Handbook (over 150,000 copies sold) and 10 Minutes to Knowing the Men and Women of the Bible.

This book brings together the best of what readers need to know to gain a wider and richer understanding of the Bible. Included are more than 150 carefully selected topics that provide fascinating insights about important historical events, interesting customs and cultural practices, and significant people and places

What makes this book especially helpful is that the vast majority of the topics include personal applications for today. As a result, Bible facts come alive, and readers come to see how Scripture is truly relevant to every part of everyday living.

The Bare Bones Bible® Facts makes personal exploration of the Bible more rewarding and life-transforming. Both new and longtime Christians will find this a must-have resource to keep alongside their Bibles.