The Call of the Wild and Free

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Old-school homeschooling - including the stigma of socially awkward kids, conservative clothes, and a classroom setting replicated in the home - is gone among today's generation of homeschool mamas. The Wild + Free movement is an example of the current homeschool movement with an educational model focused on a love of nature, reading great books, pursuing interests and hobbies, making the entire world a classroom, and prolonging the wonder of childhood.

The Call of the Wild and Free offers advice, information, and positive encouragement for parents considering homeschooling, those currently in the trenches looking for inspiration, and those who are looking for supplementary resources to enhance their kids' traditional educations.

Written by the founder of the Wild+Free homeschool community, this book encourages a quality education at home by challenging students' intellectual abilities and nurturing their sense of curiosity, joy, and awe--the essence of a positive childhood.