The Christian Man: A Conversation About the 10 Issues Men Say Matter Most By: Patrick Morley - Hardcover

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You're going to love the relevant stories and incredibly practical answers to the 10 issues men say matter most:
  • IDENTITY: Who am I and what is my life all about?
  • LIFE BALANCE: How can I lead a more balanced life?
  • GROWTH: How can I have a deeper walk with God?
  • MARRIAGE: What makes a great husband?
  • CHILDREN: How can I become a dad who makes a difference?
  • FRIENDSHIPS: How do I find and keep godly friends?
  • WORK: How should I think about my work?
  • LUST: What's the right way to deal with lust?
  • CULTURE: What is my role in our culture?
  • SHARING MY FAITH: How can I have authentic spiritual conversations?

No one understands what you're going through more than men's expert Patrick Morley, author of the landmark bestseller The Man in the Mirror, with over 4 million copiesAnd now, Morley has carefully researched and written The Christian Man especially for men like you. By the end of this must-read book, you will know how to intentionally release the power of God on the issues that matter most to you.You'll be able to walk with confidence in the one identity that matters most: The Christian Man.