The Holiness Manifesto - Kevin Mannoia

The Holiness Manifesto - Kevin Mannoia

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Does the concept of holiness hold any relevance for Christians in the twenty-first century? Or is it rather a relic of the past, with little to offer in today's postmodern world? The contributors to this book firmly insist that holiness is indeed relevant, no matter the age in which we live. Moreover, it is essential to following Christ in the twenty-first century.

The essayists are all members of the Wesleyan Holiness Study Project, a gathering of scholars and leaders who have met since 2004 to explore the mission of the churches of the Holiness movement. The book begins with two compelling ecumenical statements articulating the holiness message for today's church: “The Holiness Manifesto” and “Fresh Eyes on Holiness.” These are followed by a dozen penetrating essays grouped in three parts: (1) the understanding of holiness in Scripture, (2) holiness in historical and theological perspective, and (3) holiness in relation to various practical aspects of ministry. The book concludes with appendixes offering five considered descriptions of holiness.

The fastest-growing segments of the church worldwide have their roots in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition. Catholic, Orthodox, and other Protestant denominations are discovering its relevance to their own traditions and practices. The Holiness Manifesto offers an ideal overview to those wishing to understand more about this extremely influential movement.


Jim Adams
Barry Callen
Lisa L. Dorsey
Roger Green
Jon Huntzinger
Cheryl Bridges John
Craig Keen
David W. Kendall
William Kostlevy
Diane Leclerc
Kevin W. Mannoia
James Earl Massey
George McKinney
Thomas A. Noble
Jonathan S. Raymond
C. Stevens Schell
Howard A. Snyder
Don Thorsen
Lynn Thrush
Kenneth L. Waters Sr.