The Jesus Dilema, Who Do you Say I Am? DVD Series - Miles McPherson

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In this 2-disc series, Pastor Miles McPherson shares the life and aftermath of history's most controversial figure.  History records that a young carpenter from the wrong side of the tracts was tried three times in a night, and then killed in a public execution.  Crucifixions were common.  The response to this one was anything but.

His life and death has changed the course of human history, altered art, created the calendar, ignited wars, rset national borders, inspired governments, divided families, caused riots and brought people to their knees.  

You can love Him or you can hate Him.  You cannot ignore Him.

Old Testament - Witness

Old Testament - Witness (Cont'd)

Half Empty Critics

A True Liar

A Soldier's Dilemma

Jesus' Own Claims