The Path of Life - Lisa Robertson

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The Path of Life helps readers uncover joy on the path of life--the promises, the journey, and the destiny. This exciting and life-changing journey begins by taking the first step.

What is the path of life? Perhaps the path is clear, or it may be uncertain and filled with hardships, abundant blessings, or both. No matter what their paths have been, The Path of Life will help readers discover and learn how to follow God's path for their lives. As readers dive into this book, they will be equipped with the knowledge that God has a path for each of their lives: a path full of adventure, challenges, joy, and potential.

The paths of the Bible and the ones in our world have several things in common. A path always has a destination (often water, food, or shelter). Someone or something has gone before and created the path. We are never the first ones to walk a path. Most paths have been there for a long time; they are tested, tried, and established. Each path has a purpose, a plan, and a destination.

Finding God's path is not a mystery. Throughout the Bible, God makes it clear that He will teach us, show us, speak to us, and guide us on this path. Readers will learn how to navigate God's plan for their lives. The Bible contains many references to "the path." When readers understand what the Bible says about paths, they are more equipped to navigate their own paths. Lisa Robertson is passionate about walking alongside women to uncover the mysteries, symbolism, and truths about the path of life.