The Royal DVD, Making Sense of the Bible Book Four: Law Enforcement

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Be part of life-changing journey through the Bible as Pastor Miles McPherson teaches a simple, but profound way to study God's Word. 

The Royal is about a young boy born into a royal family and orphaned after birth.  A wise teacher is send to mentor and prepare him to rule ad live in his father's kingdom, equipping him through seven life-changing books.

Like the Royal, we will one day rule in our Father's Kingdom and everything we need to equip us in God's Word. 

In Book Four: Law Enforcement, Pastor Miles McPherson teaches on God's Prophets, who, like modern-day rule-enforcers had a simple job; when people were not obeying God, they encouraged obedience to the law.  The main purpose of the prophet was not to tell the future, but rather to correct those who were not living according to the law and outline the consequences for their actions.