This Is How We Do It: Making Your Marriage A Masterpiece (Paperback) – Montell Jordan & Kristin Jordan

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This is How We Do It!

This is How We Do It, but to Montell and Kristin Jordan, this phrase is more than just the title of one of Montell’s most popular songs. It is a clear statement about how they have approached every day of their more than twenty years of marriage.

When the couple entered a marriage covenant together in front of God, family and friends years ago, divorce was never an option, and today it is still not.

That is quite a stance in a world where divorce is just as accepted (even celebrated) as marriage is, but the Jordans hope to inspire others to see the joys, rewards and peace that comes from marriage through their new book, This is How We Do It! Making Your Marriage a Masterpiece.

Focusing on providing humorous but straightforward Christian marriage counseling, the Jordans highlight important factors to consider, whether you are single, engaged or are married, to help define God’s plan for marriage to others.

Scripture is included throughout Masterpeace to educate readers on how the word meets the world to reveal the covenant blueprint for marriage, God’s reasoning for bringing man and woman together, and how children are to be raised in a godly manner. Faith is important to the Jordans and, as expressed in their book, kept their marriage strong through challenging times in career, family and walks with Christ.

Readers also will get a glimpse of the first meeting between Montell and Kristin, seen by both as more comical than romantic, but that lead to the realization of God’s intervention in their lives to make them one.

It’s not just a celebration of how God brought two people together into a lasting marriage; This is How We Do It is a teaching lesson to all couples that marriages determined by God are meant to last into eternity.