Too Many Voices: My Journey from Confusion to Clarity - Alane Haynes

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"Too Many Voices - My Journey from Confusion to Clarity," is a unique book. It is not simply a story of the author’s journey from brokenness to restoration. In the pages of this book, Alane Haynes has given us insights into how to have breakthrough ourselves. Throughout the book, she has interwoven wisdom she has learned along the way; first learned through consequences, and later gleaned from the Counselor Himself through His Word and His words to her heart.

Alane has given us a gift in this book -treasures from the heart of God. There are sections where she revisits the places where the voices of darkness trapped her in despair and formed a false identity. At the end of those segments, we receive the voice of Truth and what He says to her to counteract the lies and build a new identity. Some of those words spoken to her are in beautiful and heartfelt poetry that clearly portray the loving heart of the Father to His precious daughter.

Alane’s story is written in such a way that you will find it hard to put down. From the very beginning she draws you in with her transparency. You will be feeling her pain and rejoicing in her triumphs.

This book is also an eye-opening look into a controversial topic…can we hear God speak? The reader travels the paths she took to discern His voice clearly; this offers a glimpse into the “ways” of God, how He uses circumstances and His Word to develop our character and form the life of Christ in a soul.

This is a book that will mostly likely change your viewpoint about a lot of things and many people, and you may leave hungry for something you didn’t even know (or believe) existed. You will definitely be filled with hope and expectation for victory and overcoming hard places in your life and in others’ lives, and some helpful tools to guide you in the process. You may even be surprised to find that you received a precious gift while reading her story – faith.