Total Quality Life

Total Quality Life

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Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? We all have bad days now and then. Yet for many of us, they are not the exception. We always seem to be running a few minutes late, narrowly missing deadlines, or apologizing for something. Is it possible to gain control of our personal, professional, and spiritual lives?

Yes! You can live with purpose, effectiveness, and significance. Thats TQL--Total Quality Life--and that life can be yours. Gain balance and control in the four critical spheres of your life--thought life, physical well being, asset management, and spiritual life.

This expanded edition of TQL includes several great tools for implementing life change, including:

  • Group Discussion Guide
  • TQL Planning Resources
    - Checklists
    - Strategy Planning Tools
    - Quality Life Worksheets
  • TQL Strategic Chapter Summaries